Each year the Kaye Scholars Program awards stipends to students at the City College of New York who are pursuing majors in the Humanities and the Arts. Kaye Scholars are selected on the basis of their academic record, creative promise, and financial need. 

The City College Kaye Scholars Program is made possible through a generous gift from the H. Austin and Florence R.S. Kaye Foundation.

It is the goal of the foundation to “assist young people in the pursuit of new frontiers in the humanities, in the arts or in philosophy and thus strengthen the intellectual and productive base of our nation.”

Testimonials from Kaye Scholarship Recipients.

“Most importantly, the Kaye Scholars Program allowed me to finish my undergraduate studies to realize a dream—a B.A. I am now the first in my family to graduate from a four-year school. That’s special!”

Kaisa Ajaye (ENG)
Kaisa Ajaye

“The Kaye is a shining example of meritocracy and fairness. It also has the effect of giving one that extra nudge to work that much harder at his goals. It keeps you in check – and of course, helps keep us afloat! I am grateful for what I have received from the gracious people behind this program.”

Justin Adams-Pallais (MUS)

“Being selected for the Kaye Scholarship Program motivated me to channel my ambitions more and not play it safe. This investment in my studies and creativity made me ask myself, “What do you really want?” Any dream is achievable if you apply yourself. Keep going, know that people and programs like Kaye will see it and will support you.”

Malika Knight (ENG)
Makila Knight

“City College used to be free until 1975. Unfortunately, I enrolled here in 2006 and yet, even though we need such crucial programs as the Kaye Scholarship to support aspiring working-class college students, the exciting history of student radicalism at this school can hopefully one day win back free tuition.”

Conor Tomas Reed (ENG)

“I know about the goodness of the Kaye Scholars Program and the positive effect it can have on the lives of many deserving students, who without the Kaye Scholar Program would not be able to pursue their studies or achieve what they are academically.”

Antonello Parisi (MUS)

“I am infinitely grateful to the Kaye Foundation for supporting me in my music career! Thank you for believing in me!”

Jhoely Garay (MUS)
Jhoely Garay

“Through the Kaye Scholars program, I have met some talented, motivated colleagues whom I have learned so much from. Kaye Scholars has given me a sense of community.”

Marta Fronc Villar (ART)

“I would also like to say thank you, to you and the committee, for the acceptance. It has given me so much confidence in my academics, especially now as I am trying to manage my schooling through this pandemic. It has been hard, but this is a silver lining.”

Cynthia Mukattash (ENG)
Cynthia Mukattash

“Kaye has definitely opened my perception to the fact that almost nothing is out of reach if one gives it a sincere try. With the backing of a program like Kaye, many academic doors have been opened for me, if not solely through the program, through the extra boost of confidence that Kaye has given me as well. “

Greg Thomas (ENG)

“Through the Kaye Scholars program, I have met some talented, motivated colleagues whom I have learned so much from. Kaye Scholars has given me a sense of community.”

Rynae Rasley (ART/HIST)